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Pagename[fontem recensere]

The move to "onca" was made without citing a source, so I reverted it. I have now added sources for the name Panthera onca. It may be that "onca" has been used alone in common Latin, but I haven't found any sources. (It's a slightly misleading transliteration of Portuguese onça.) Linnaeus cites other common Latin names ("Pardus brasiliensis", "Lynx brasiliensis"), but I don't see them as preferable to Panthera onca. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:35, 23 Decembris 2017 (UTC)

Perhaps BazookaTheHound will tell us why "binominibus non uti" would be a good idea for Vicipaedia. If onca were indeed in common use in Latin, Petroselinum crispum gives us a model:
Petroselinum crispum, apud antiquos petroselinum, est. . . .
Ergo fortasse:
Panthera onca, apud vulgus onca, est. . . .
But as Andrew indicates, even for that, Vicipaedia wants to see evidence. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:01, 23 Decembris 2017 (UTC)