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Oceania or Asia?[fontem recensere]

Where to these nations belong: Iaponia, Indonesia, Philippinae, ...? Politically/geographically? In which templates should they be listed: {{Oceania}}/{{Asia}}? --Roland2 20:09, 12 Iunii 2006 (UTC)

From en:Oceania, "Oceana is a geographical, often geopolitical, region consisting of numerous lands – mostly islands but often including Australia – in the Pacific Ocean and vicinity. The exact scope of Oceania is defined variously, with interpretations including Australia, New Zealand, the eastern parts of Indonesia, Timor Leste, and Papua New Guinea." Pretty sure we can include Japan and Philippines safely in Asia.--Ioshus Rocchio 21:17, 12 Iunii 2006 (UTC)
The Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania, an international learned society (though probably a majority of its members are U.S. anthropologists), doesn't regard Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Timor as being in Oceania. The only part of Indonesia ordinarily included in the term is West Papua (Irian Jaya). Why does Wikipedia call it Oceana?! IacobusAmor

Template Oceania[fontem recensere]

I have put some suggestions of IacobusAmor into {{Oceania}} and made "all links blue". I hope that now it will be easier to find the correct names of these islands. Please check the following links and put your objections/opinions on the individual talk pages of each page:

--Roland (disp.) 19:25, 14 Augusti 2006 (UTC)

"narrow" definition map[fontem recensere]

I am confused about "Oceania, narrow (orthographic projection).svg" -- I've moved the file from :en to :commons, it shows up in :commons, the file page in :commons says the file is in use here, and it still appears as a broken file link in this page. Any ideas? A. Mahoney (disputatio) 15:53, 11 Septembris 2012 (UTC)

aha: I changed the filename to "meow" and changed it back, and now (somehow!) the file is visible, which was the whole idea. A. Mahoney (disputatio) 15:59, 11 Septembris 2012 (UTC)
Well done for solving it. I don't understand it, though.
I removed the "stipula" tag -- the page is far beyond a stipula! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:24, 12 Septembris 2012 (UTC)
I don't understand it either, but "do a vacuous update and it becomes OK" is a pretty common behavior, and I've seen it in MediaWiki before. The actual contribution was observing that the image in :en was marked "please move me to Commons," so I did. It seems there are a lot of images in :en that could profitably be moved to the common repository. I very much like our no-local-images policy! A. Mahoney (disputatio) 22:19, 12 Septembris 2012 (UTC)