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Morgan calls these Oblatum et Quaesitum, neuter 2nd rather than masc. 4th. I can't find Oblatus or Quaesitus on the ephemeris website, which seems particularly dubious as a source since it wrongly calls a crisis a crisis rather than a discrimen.--Rafaelgarcia 03:50, 9 Decembris 2007 (UTC)

The only reason I decided to propose oblatus was the "ready-made" quaesitus (well, perhaps I was too polite!). Let's opt for oblatum et quaesitum. --Neander 04:08, 9 Decembris 2007 (UTC)

crisis is a late Latin word.
The quaesitus article seems to have vanished from ephemeris. --Alex1011 09:56, 9 Decembris 2007 (UTC)