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A couple of notes:

  • The Latin language almost shuns compounds; therefore my sources have "navigatio aerea" (which I'd have recommended even without them);
  • I took away the sentence "Verbum Aviation fictum est a milite ...", because it's pointless here to explain a noun that doesn't belong to the Latin vocabulary. Neander (disputatio) 17:17, 17 Septembris 2016 (UTC)

Thank for your concern, however I have this source. Also the most frequent word found in most languages. I think it should be mentioned.--Jondel (disputatio) 23:18, 17 Septembris 2016 (UTC)

There is this source:http://www.latin-dictionary.org/libertas/aerinavigatio .Jondel (disputatio) 23:18, 17 Septembris 2016 (UTC)
Thank you for corrections Neander! I think the word Aviation has a lot to do. In fact many latinists may prefer a variation of that word.--Jondel (disputatio) 23:41, 17 Septembris 2016 (UTC)