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Problems[fontem recensere]

Problems with the most recent revision include

  1. Bad latin: proiecti Moxillae would mean incongrously of the Moxilla thrown away
  2. If you use the word Mozilla as a characteristic of Firefox, shouldn't a definition of mozilla be given?
  3. THe first two links are to commercial advertisements encouraging people to download software and or donate money to Mozilla; equivalent sites that merely describe mozilla firefox should be available.
  4. Where did you get Firefox is female and declined in the third declesion. Don't we treat trademarks as indeclinables according to our rules?

--Rafaelgarcia 17:34, 7 Maii 2008 (UTC)

Firefox appears to be a trademark, and may well be indeclinable, as I've marked it. 'Project' might be propositum, but this Mozilla seems to be a company (societas), and a noun ending in -illa easily fits in the first declension, where I've left it. I don't know what a navigatrum is, but presumably somebody does. Now the tiny little stipula is ready for more text! IacobusAmor 18:50, 7 Maii 2008 (UTC)
"Navigatrum" should mean "(web)browser". --UV 22:46, 7 Maii 2008 (UTC)
Yep, 'navigatrum' (Traupman gives it) would probably go back to the days when Netscape Navigator was the browser to beat. I'm sure the 'cyber' metaphor could be made to figure in as well. For 'project' I have 'inceptum'. —Mucius Tever 00:55, 9 Maii 2008 (UTC)

The removed link is not commercial[fontem recensere]

http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable is not a commercial link. --Rolandus 23:03, 7 Maii 2008 (UTC)

Ok, feel free to re-add it then! --UV 21:13, 8 Maii 2008 (UTC)