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intelligere durum est[fontem recensere]

Consociatio Mundialis Sanitatis dixit ut suicidium mundi saepe frequens in adulescentia et respectum aestimationis sui et protectionem vexiationis in schola contra abscessum tolerantia postulat ut prohibitio suicidii. Jondel (disputatio) 02:19, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)

Anglice:According to WHO, suicide frequently occurs in adulescents regarding self respect and protection against bullying in school and demands against the absence of tolerance in order to prevent/prohibit of suicide. (--Correct?--)

I am correcting this, I don't know if I should erase all of the above.

Iam emendo adhunc, et nescio deleam supra omnes.Jondel (disputatio) 05:18, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)

I don't understand the last half of your English sentence, sorry. "prohibit of" is no good, but "to prevent suicide" is fine. "demands against the absence of tolerance" means nothing to me. Is "demand" a verb here, with WHO as the subject?
The first half would be "According to WHO, suicide frequently occurs in adolescents as a result of negative self-image and bullying [in school]." I don't know exactly what WHO said, that's just my interpretation via your sentence! I question the "in school" bit, because bullying occurs elsewhere too: adding "in school" is just a way of blaming teachers, who are not always to blame ... however, it may be exactly what WHO said. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 09:46, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)

WHO is World Health Organization(Consociatio Mundialis Sanitatis). WHO would be the subject. What is meant is "It is demanded of the school administrator and teachers(i.e. It behoves the school administrators....); to establish measures against absence of tolerance and to prevent suicide". The bullying I believe is done by other schoolmates(seniors, etc), but this is not explicitly expressed. That is what I interpreted what the Author wanted to say. I also referenced the English wiki and the PDF sources. I attempted an almost litteral translation at the above, and correct as of this writing to this :

Prout Consociatio Mundialis Sanitatis, mors voluntaria gentium frequens est apud adulescentias qua se dignentur vile et patiantur vexatione vel infestantur in schola, et igitur contra abscessum tolerantia et varii mores et disciplinis et modi instituendum est magistris scholis ne fiat mors voluntaria[3].

To mean: According to WHO, suicides in the world frequently occurs among young people who have low self esteam and suffer bullying in school which obligates teachers and achool administrators to establishing against the absence of tolerance and various measures and discipline and methods so that suicide would not occur. --Jondel (disputatio) 11:36, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)

If WHO said that, WHO is in want of an editor. Presumably WHO issues its pronouncements in all the UN's official languages, so maybe working from the French or the Spanish version would be helpful. IacobusAmor (disputatio) 12:00, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)

I will work on this. Jondel (disputatio) 12:31, 15 Novembris 2012 (UTC)