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Moresnet neutrius partis fuit Translatio Hebdomadalis.

Move back[fontem recensere]

I intend to move this back (well, "Moresnet neutrius partis" is fine with me, of course, I'm not discussing the Latin here, just the content). Because "neutral" is a necessary qualifier. The former municipality of Moresnet was cut in three pieces in 1815: "Moresnet" (in territory 2 above), which was Dutch, later Belgian, and now is part of the Belgian municipality of Plombières; "Moresnet neutre / Neutral-Moresnet" (territory 3 above), which was neutral (today "Kelmis / La Calamine", part of the larger municipality of "Kelmis / La Calamine"), and "Preußisch-Moresnet" (in territory 4 above), which was Prussian, later German, (today "Neu-Moresnet", also part of the larger municipality of Kelmis / La Calamine). After WW I, all these territories became Belgian. "Moresnet" therefore clearly refers to the place in the municipality of Plombières, while this page is really about Kelmis / La Calamine, albeit as regards a specific period in history, when it was called "Moresnet neutre / Neutral-Moresnet". By the way, the French Wikipedia mentions the name "Marsna" in a text of 888 which may quite probably have been in Latin; so, "Marsna Neutra" might be arguable, but for the time being, I don't have a decent source for that. Sigur (disputatio) 18:14, 21 Maii 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Good points, Sigur. I was keen on nothing else but making a couple of changes of expression, but now I see that the title change was obviously pertinent to the contents of the article. Marsna is a good find but because neutra means 'neither of the two' / 'keine von beiden', I'd recommend a different expression. If it is unsourced, you might use the formula {{Convertimus}}. Neander (disputatio) 21:41, 21 Maii 2019 (UTC)[reply]