Disputatio:Monasterium Glendalochensis

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I put the interwiki links to Glendaloch, which refers to the valley itself as opposed to the monestary. However, given that I turned up a Latin name, though with variants that show: Glendelacensis (monestary) twice and Gleandeloch (the place itself) once. I struck a middle course on the name and went with Glendalochensis (monestary).

So if this moves to Glendalough (modern spelling in Ireland), Gleandaloch (valley according to the book referred to in nexus externi) or Monestarium Glendelacensis (monestary according to the book in nexus externi), I wouldn't be offended. Sinister Petrus 06:41, 28 Martii 2010 (UTC)[reply]