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I made a separate page for Israel (civitas) a while back, so I've moved the country data chart over there. Perhaps I was wrong to do it this way though: maybe Israel should be about the country, and the other meanings should be moved to Israel (discretiva)? --Iustinus 19:07 ian 18, 2005 (UTC)

According to d:Q801, the only other languages that don't use plain "Israel" for the modern state are Ladino (Medinat Israel), Navajo (Ízrel Bikéyah), Waloon (Israyel (estat)), and Kalmyk (Изралмудин Орн), though I might have missed one or two. I would suggest moving this page to Israël (discretiva) and current Israel (civitas) to Israël. Lesgles (disputatio) 16:53, 29 Maii 2014 (UTC)
Yes, we get a lot of unwanted links to the discretiva page. Let's simplify as you suggest. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 17:36, 29 Maii 2014 (UTC)
Feci. Lesgles (disputatio) 13:18, 2 Iunii 2014 (UTC)