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Pagina honorata Ioannes Hildebrandus Withofius fuit pagina mensis Novembris 2006.

This is a nice, long page which presumably would be a good candidate for the Pagina Mensis. Unfortunately it's going to need a lot of editing. We'll just have to consider it a future project. --Iustinus 16:20 iun 4, 2005 (UTC)

I guess this text was copied from somewhere. Look at the end of the article, it is "signed" by Joannes Leidenfrost (year 1769). I looked in Google and I found this page [[1]] which contains this line:

1755 — Autobiographisches Gedicht auf seinem Stich von Mettelinus, Köln. Wiederabdruck in: Leidenfrost, Oratio funebris ... J.H.Withof, Duisburg, 1769; deutsche Übertragung in Withof, Laurenz, Academische Gedichte, II, 144).

Looks like it is a "oratio funebris" written by Leidenfrost in the year 1769. Well, I dont know why it is under the year 1755, though. What do you think about this? --Usor:Mafrius iun 4, 2005

That explains a lot. We'll have to go through it and encyclopedify it. But the original text is well into public domain, so so long as we credit it as a source we should be fine on that score. --Iustinus

Well, I tried to correctly wikify this beatiful article. But I dont think that we can add sections to it. I created just one section to explicitly say that this text was written by Leidenfrost in 1769 and then I does not seem right to me "edit" (adding sections) Leidenfrost's "oratio funebris". You can revert it if you didnt like my job... --Mafrius 23:33 iun 5, 2005 (UTC)

Well, that will do for now, but here's what I think: the original text should be moved to Wikisource, but this article should be cannibalized into a more wikipedia-ish format. That way we get a real article, and this text isn't destroyed wholesale. That will be a bit of work, and I'm not up to it at the moment. But you know, there are some other good candidates for pagina mensis, so there's no rush. --Iustinus 00:55 iun 6, 2005 (UTC)
OK, I've now put up the text of the Oratio Funebris at Wikisource:Oratio funebris Johannis Hildebrandi Withofii. We can, in theory at least, now rewrite this page into a good wikipedia article, without feeling that we are ruining literature ;) --Iustinus 16:12 iul 11, 2005 (UTC)

I tried to add sections to the oratio funebris appropriately, but I dont know if that's what you have in mind. My latin is not good enough (is not good at all!) to heavily edit this article and add content to it. The section named "De vita et opera" needs much more work, I just tried to get the ball rolling right now to see what the commentaries will be. The german wikipedia has a list of his works, I guess that will not be too difficult to list Withof's work in this latin article, but that's a job to be done later. So, what did you think about it? --Mafrius 21:30 iul 11, 2005 (UTC)

Pagina Mensis[fontem recensere]

This is on the queue Mycēs set up for the Pagina Mensis.

Suggestions: I think we all know what needs to be done with this article ;)