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About sections[fontem recensere]

I wonder, is this really better to edit "de familia", "de vita" etc. or just to write simply "familia", "vita" etc., like it is in the last section "fontes" (not "de fontibus") and as in a site about Q.Horatius Flaccus? If I am not right, let's better do a whole site about C.Cassius Longinus in the same editorial style and change "fontes" in "de fontibus". Robert E. Masznicz 16:20, 26 Iulii 2008 (UTC)[reply]

My opinion (for what it's worth) is that the form of sub-headings across Vicipaedia can never be, and doesn't need to be, totally consistent. Pages are written by people, and people have different views about this: why not? What readers need from subheadings is help in finding their way around a long article.
I can see a reason for the difference that is made on this page between the headings used for text and the headings used for supplementary matter such as "Sources". The last section on this page is not "About sources" (De fontibus); it is simply a list of "Sources" (Fontes). Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 11:47, 29 Iulii 2008 (UTC)[reply]

S.t.v.b.e.e.v. :) Dear A.D., Thank You very much for a reasonable mention. I do agree with You, that a practical side of Our project is the prime essensial. And that is why, I have suggested make all articles (a whole procect) in the same style. I am still sure, that any languages (and statements as well) are nothing else, but a kind of code. As a one, I think it is better to be - if possible - the same in any pieces We do create. Vale :) Robert E. Masznicz 09:22, 3 Augusti 2008 (UTC)[reply]