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Categoriae[fontem recensere]

Is the categoria "Feriae Havaiorum" better saved instead to mark feriae of Hawaii Island? It and "Feriae Kauaiorum" (etc.) could then be a subset of "Feriae Havaianae" (to include all the Insulae Havaianae). So when we have an island (Havaii) that's a subset of a civitas of the same name (Havaii), we'd be using the genitive for the subset and an adjective for the set. Does that make sense? (If not, I'd suggest that some other distinctive difference be devised.) Similarly, there might be a set Categoria:Feriae Britannicae with subsets "Feriae Anglicorum,""Feriae Scotorum," etc. Also, of course, even some of the subsets undoubtedly have subsets. "Feriae Anglicorum" might want to have a sub-subset for festivals in London, festivals in Yorkshire, and so on. I take the trouble of pointing this out because the world supports tens of thousands of events that are or might be called festivals—and surely in the distant future (five years?), they'll all be demanding their own page. Best to get the topic organized now, for its unbelievable expansion later! ¶ That probably goes for other sets of topics. Wiki en:, for example, says there are more than 30 000 incorporated cities in the United States. Their levels of categorization would presumably be (1) country, (2) state, (3) county. Some users might argue that there should even be a higher-order level: continent or superregion (to include the Pacific islands). Extrapolating from the population of the United States suggests that there should be at least 600 000 named settements in the world. Each will want its own page. Organizing this mess will be an onerous process! IacobusAmor 18:05, 3 Ianuarii 2008 (UTC)