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Pagina huic coniuncta e conversione paginae „Whig Party (United States)“ sitús en.wikipedia.org orta est.
Auctoribus illius paginae hic enumeratis gratias agimus.
Die angegliederte Seite basiert ursprünglich auf einer Übersetzung von Whig Party (United States) aus en.wikipedia.org. Eine Liste der Autoren ist hier verfügbar.
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The attached page originated as a translation from the page "Whig Party (United States)" on the site en.wikipedia.org.
We are grateful to the authors of that page as listed here.

End of US Whiggism[fontem recensere]

I deleted the redlink category name "Destituta 1856". We don't a present have a series of categories for the years when things shut down or stopped happening. We could, of course, if anyone has the energy to set them up and apply them. This particular page may not be the ideal case on which to decide, because the dates when this party was founded and dissolved sound vague, both here and in en:wiki. But what do I know? Very little :) Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:57, 4 Septembris 2014 (UTC)