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Nearly there[fontem recensere]

[This continues from discussion on my talk page.] There still has to be a reliable source of information to show that this book is notable. "Amazon" is no use because they want to sell the book (therefore not neutral) and because anyone can write reviews on Amazon (therefore not reliable). A reliable source would be a review in an independent journal, either printed or on line -- or, best of all, both. In this field, if the book is a really notable and useful encyclopedia, there should be several such reviews. If not, the book is maybe not so very good after all.

It may be handy to add a general point. This article seems to be based on the English article. Translating from one Wikipedia to another is OK -- many people start articles that way -- but if the original article has serious problems you might just be wasting your time unless you can solve those problems. In this case, the English article has no external links independent of the subject, no explanation of why the topic is notable, and an extremely short text that gives no real information. The template at the top of the English article serves as a warning. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 16:27, 23 Novembris 2016 (UTC)

But maybe it's possible to save our article after all. This is the publisher's page (Iacobus looked for it but couldn't find it)[1] which quotes three independent reviews very briefly and also gives a longer description of the book. This is the Wikipedia article about en:Matthew Bunson, the author; one could add a sentence about him. He's not a Roman Empire specialist, rather a Catholic journalist. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:38, 23 Novembris 2016 (UTC)
(I didn't look for it; I simply clicked on the link. Oh well.) IacobusAmor (disputatio) 21:08, 23 Novembris 2016 (UTC)
I've added more information. Could you please take a look? --Katxis (disputatio) 09:41, 24 Novembris 2016 (UTC)
It's OK as a stipula now, I think. Well done! I removed the claim that "no similar work exists" because that's nonsense: I came across an Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire while checking this page, and there are others too. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 14:10, 24 Novembris 2016 (UTC)
Thanks for all your help and sorry for the inconveniences caused :) --Katxis (disputatio) 14:14, 24 Novembris 2016 (UTC)

Notae[fontem recensere]

  1. No criticism intended -- it all depends how you happen to look. The ISBN is different