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Nescio si focus rectum verbum est (italice = fuoco) nescioque si axis etiam rectum... (italice = asse)

Propositions for correction[fontem recensere]

I'm afraid "De ellipsis eccentricitatis" doesn't work. "De" is a preposition followed by the ablative; therefore, I think you intended to say "De eccentricitate". "Ellipsis" is a proper genitive, I think, however, the plural would be more suitable ("ellipsium"). So the title should be "De ellipsium eccentricitate".

By the way, does "eccentricitas" mean "eccentricity" in English? I have learnt this term ("lineare Exzentrizität" = "linear eccentricity") as the absolute value of the abscissa of one of the foci (so it is , as can be shown with Pythagoras). However, since you used "eccentricitas" and not "eccentricitas linearis", I could also be mistaken in this point.

One last thing: I think, from a mathematical point of view, the use of a symbol for this quantity would be recommendable (you can set this equal to the ). --Ahib 16:56, 17 Aprilis 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]