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You really can't concatinate nouns this way in Latin. What this would imply is either a series of nouns with conjunctions suppressed (perhaps "The Lord of The Rings, [and] the plan, the battle, [and] the game"), or possibly apposition ("Lord of the Rings, [i.e.] the plan [which is also a] battle [which is also a] game." For "war game" I would suggest Ludus bellicus. For strategy game... oh, I dunno, I'd probably just use the less-than-classical adjective strategicus, or better yet, the attested but perhaps unweildly strategematicus (which really is exactly what is meant by "strategic", isn't it?). To fit Lord of the Rings in there, I would suggest either something like Dominus Anulorum: ludus bellicus strategematicus or Dominus Anulorum (ludus bellicus strategematicus), but as a general rule you would probably want to say something like ludus bellicus strategematicus de Domino Anulorum or something like that. --Iustinus 20:13, 19 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)

I admit I had had some difficulty trying to get a correct translation (hence having to give the English in the article). I like your idea of "Dominus Anulorum: ludus bellicus strategematicus", as it is similar to the version used in the French Wikipedia, so I will move the page to that name. Thanks for the help! --Grimhelm Colloquium? 20:55, 19 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)