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De Praenomine[fontem recensere]

What do you others think of the abreviated praenomen? Normally I've been writing names out in full, and this seems most logical to me. However, the praenominal abreviations were very much standard in ancient times, and in fact, the Romans rarely wrote such names out. So one could make an argument that the abbreviated form is actually superior. --Iustinus 07:42, 18 Octobris 2006 (UTC)

Mihi Decimus Silanus plus placet, quod tum differentiam inter feminas et vires habemus. --Alex1011 08:47, 18 Octobris 2006 (UTC)
Since this is a Latin project, not a Roman one, we should probably write out the formerly standard abbreviations, just as we prefer arabic numerals to Roman ones (except where they're still standard, as in enumerating monarchs, movies, popes, superbowls, and so on). Part of the in-joke fun of studying Latin is learning things like what we mean when, "a.d. XV Kal. Nov.," we say "s.p.d." to "M. Tullius M. F. M. N. M. Pr. Cor. Cicero"; but since pixels aren't in short supply, we might want to spend a few to help unlearned readers. IacobusAmor 12:33, 18 Octobris 2006 (UTC)
Fair enough. I had simply followed the practice in an article I recently consulted (M. Porcius Cato maior I think) without looking further. I'll move the page, shall I? Andrew Dalby 09:50, 19 Octobris 2006 (UTC)