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The correct (original) Latin name is "Mysteria Mithrae", the "mysteries" being of course a particular class of Greco-Roman religion.
It isn't known whether the Mithraic mysteries were a cultus (in the sense of deorum, animi) of specifically Mithras (appellative, nominative Mithra). The name 'Mysteria Mithrae' was given to them by outsiders, and what role "Mithras" held within that framework is uncertain. If Plutarch (Isis et Osiris 46.7) is anything to go by, and given the role of (all) mysteries as a means to enter into contact with the divine, it appears that the figure of Mithras was that of a messenger between mankind and the gods. -- (cypsy) 11:34, 11 Iunii 2008 (UTC)