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For the German "Gegenlicht" (gegen-licht = contra-lux), {{PONS-Egger}} gives luce adversa or contra lucem. --Rolandus 08:19, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)

Why change the name from french to latin? The french name is used in the english? Alexanderr 08:22, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)
Alexrr, I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but this is a Latin wikipedia... There is a Latin attested name for the term... Qed, nonne?--Ioshus (disp) 08:26, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)
It depends, whether you want to write about the French term contre-jour or if you want to write about the effect. The effect should get a Latin name. --Rolandus 09:01, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)
In English we have the word hors d'oeuvre, but that doesn't mean that Latin (nor indeed any other language) has to use the French word too. --Iustinus 09:03, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)
BTW, LEO says back light [1]. --Rolandus 10:03, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)
Well contre-jour and backlighting are different things in english at least. Alexanderr 17:20, 28 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)