Disputatio:Concilium Ephesinum Secundum

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Hello. My Latin is not good enough. Therefore, I write in English and do not change the latin article. The article mixes the First and the Second Council of Ephesus. First, Concilium Ephesinum Secundum non fuit oecumenicum concilium Ecclesiae. Second, hoc concilium a imperatore Theodosio II anno 449 convocatum est. -- 13:44, 17 Martii 2010 (UTC)

Indeed, the Latin text disagrees with the English one at Second Council of Ephesus. Maybe somebody will reconcile them. IacobusAmor 13:50, 17 Martii 2010 (UTC)
Note we already have a description at Concilium Ephesinum, of which this is a copy. Pantocrator 00:32, 18 Martii 2010 (UTC)