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I thought piano was clavile in latin? --BiT 23:53, 31 Ianuarii 2007 (UTC)

That is what I use. There's more than one thing to call it of course, but this should definitely be changed. --Iustinus 01:29, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)

88 claves[fontem recensere]

¶ 1. Vel claviculae. ¶ 2. Re "Maximi piani 88 claves habent." Instrumentis "Bösendorfer," Vindobonae manu factis, reapse sunt 92 claviculae (http://www.boesendorfer.com) vel 97 ("the Imperial Grand has 97 keys": en:wikipedia). IacobusAmor 03:03, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, this is why I stopped writing articles about music...I haven't done my research on attestationes worth a damn...--Ioshus (disp) 03:06, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)

Yes, it gets worse: the name clavile notwithstanding, clavis for the key of a piano or similar instrument is apparently never attested in Latin. English "key", yes, but French touche, German Taste, Spanish tecla, and so on. Apparently the classical pinna "feather; fin; key of a hydraulic organ" was still in use in the renaissance (if you need attestations, I still have Kircher's Musurgia Universalis at home.) --Iustinus 03:54, 1 Februarii 2007 (UTC)

Grand piano[fontem recensere]

Isn't Clavile grande just a calque of the english word Grand Piano? Are there any citations on this? --BiT 19:09, 30 Aprilis 2007 (UTC)

If there is interest for a neologism one could suggest something alike the finnish or icelandic words; flyygeli and flygill respectively. Perhaps:
  • flygillus (-i, m.)
  • flygillum (-i, n.)
  • flyglus (-i, m.)? --BiT 19:17, 30 Aprilis 2007 (UTC)
Can I assume the word flygillus? I think that's a pretty good name? Please state any objections. --BiT 15:47, 23 Iunii 2007 (UTC)
Well, unlike spegill, the flygill has no relation to a Latin ending; it is apparently from German Flügel ‘wing; grand piano,’ so if one were to borrow it, one would presumably want to use the more original form. Of course along the lines of this Morgan cites in Helfer: clavile aliforme = grand piano. —Mucius Tever 01:30, 26 Iunii 2007 (UTC)
Aliforme? What does that mean? --18:06, 26 Iunii 2007 (UTC)
Wing-shaped (ala + -formis). —Mucius Tever 17:15, 7 Iulii 2007 (UTC)
That's a great name! --BiT 19:18, 8 Iulii 2007 (UTC)