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"Cantabrigia non Anglica" - we can probably come up with a better name than that. The Romans frequently had to deal with multiple cities of the same name - Caesarea, Isca, Lugdunum and so on. They usually distinguished them either by the name of a people in the genitive plural - Cantabrigia Americanorum/Bostoniensium/Massachusettanorum, or sometimes by some other distinguishing characteristic - Cantabrigia Maritima (sort of ), Cantabrigia Harvardiana, Cantabrigia apud (Whatever-the-name-of-that-river-is). -Usor:Iustinus

Exemplum mihi Clemens non Papa (auctor musicalis aetatis mediae) erat. Sed certe 'Cantabrigia iuxta flumen Carolanum' melius scribitur.Doops 21:14 apr 10, 2004 (UTC)

Optime! Mihi multo melius nunc videtur. Nesciebam autem de nomine sat ridiculum ac iucundum quod est Clemens non Papa. Fortasse velles ipse de illo symbolen scribere?

Quo modo dicere...[fontem recensere]

Does anyone know how to say program, in the sense of radio program? Sinister Petrus 16:41, 24 Maii 2006 (UTC)