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Dramatis Personae[fontem recensere]

Some of my choises were:

  • AMBIANUS for Amiens because the Latin name of the French city to which Shakespeare's choice of a name alludes is Ambianum, -i (n.)
  • Iohannes SECESSUS for Jaques because his name can be French for John but also a disguised reference to a "jakes" (lavatory, privy, latrine), and "secessus" is a euphemism for "latrina", or "forica"
  • KALOS (Greek for Handsome) for Le Beau because I believe Greek is to Latin what French is to English in Shakespeare
  • Dominus Rolandus a Burdigala for Sir Rowland de Boys because in Lodge's Rosalynde (Shakespeare's source), his name is Sir John of Bordeaux (Burdigala)
  • LYDIUS LAPIS for Touchstone because a "touchstone" is a "Lydius lapis"
  • DOMINUS OLIVERIUS CORRUPTELA for Sir Oliver Martext because of the pun on "Mar text" and "corruptela"
  • CORIDON for Corin because that's a classical version of the name.