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I have previously linked too Ictus (cerebri), but one could also argue for ictus (cerebrovascularis). I still prefer the former. --Iustinus 07:17, 22 Martii 2008 (UTC)

Iosephus Esmond Riddle et Thomas Kerchever Arnold, A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon (1849-1872) Textus (one has to look up apoplexy, which was the term used in the mid 19th century) suggests apoplexis or apoplexia and adds that the pure Latin nervorum remissio was used by Celsus and others, particularly for a stroke resulting in paralysis of right or left side. The trouble with nervorum remissio, though, is that it is not accurate: the nerves aren't really the problem. Checking both Greek and Latin dictionaries, I think apoplexia would be right both for the event and the resulting condition (e.g. ἀποπληξία μέρους for one-sided paralysis: this is cited from the Aphorisms of Hippocrates onwards). Since Romans learnt medicine in Greek and talked about it in Greek words, I think, pace Celsus, Greek loanwords which can actually be cited from Latin texts, like apoplexia, are often our best choice.
As for ictus, I can't find that it was used in a medical sense at all: but I expect you'll disprove this! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 10:20, 22 Martii 2008 (UTC)
Hmm, my source on this was Morgan, but looking back over his notes I see:
22 stroke, brain attack, cerebrovascular accident apoplêxia, ae (Cael. Aur.; Isid. 4, 6, 10; Mattioli 324), apoplêxis, is f. (Tert.; Firm.), ictus cerebri, ictus sanguinis (Egger S.L. 80)
So it does look like ictus might be a bit too modern to use here. I mean, I assume Egger had some sort of earlier source himself (otherwise, why use sanguinis?). I think I may have seen "stroke" somewhere else too, but I can't remember where. And if there are good loci classici, and unambiguously medical terms they are probably better. --Iustinus 17:53, 22 Martii 2008 (UTC)

At the moment en:stroke is linked to Ictus (morbus). --Rolandus 15:21, 13 Aprilis 2008 (UTC)

We had finally four lemmata, two of them without sources. I deleted the two unsourced terms and moved "apoplexia cerebri" to pole position because this is the official ICD-10 term for "Stroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction" (I64). More closely defined illnesses (I61 to I63), which might be seen as subdivisions of the vaguer "stroke", have various Latin names, but not "ictus", so I have moved the page to "Apoplexia cerebri". Hope that's OK? Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 15:59, 18 Octobris 2016 (UTC)
Bravo! I really support this and wanted to suggest apoplexia since the Spanish word is apoplejia. I think most Spanish speaker are familiar with the word apoplejia, but the Spanish wiki lemma doesn't link to apoplejia.Using ictus is over-latinizing. --Jondel (disputatio) 17:06, 19 Octobris 2016 (UTC)