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Utrum vocabulum antisemitismi recte in usu sit si de ea concertatione agitur quae est inter Iudaeos et Palaestinos, quorum non parva pars ad religionem Christianam pertinet, examine dignum sit. Magni interest utrum magistratus maioris potestatis Europaeae maximam Iudaeorum caedem impetret an de terrae possessione quam duo populi parvi inhabitant ob eam quoque causam pugnetur quod ante multi Iudaei emigrare et fugere coacti sunt. Etiam antisemitismus et antizionismus non confundatur. Etiam nonnulli Iudaei ob causas religiosas vel politicas antizionistae sunt. --Alex1011 18:10, 8 Maii 2007 (UTC)

  • Assentior tibi, Alexander, antisemitismum Musulmanicum non idem esse atque antizionismum interque utramque invidiae rationem esse distinguendum. Tamen antisemitismus ille mihi certus videtur, quo non admodum pauci non rei publicae Israel propter iniurias Palaestinensibus ab illa civitate inlatas, sed omnibus Iudaeis propter quandam tacitam in hostes r.p. Israel conspirationem suscenseant.--Irenaeus 12:19, 31 Augusti 2011 (UTC)

Non stipula > plus quam stipula[fontem recensere]

All we want is one external source of information about the subject (book or website). There must be lots! We also ideally could add a source for the Latin term, and there probably is one ... but if it doesn't immediately appear it would be acceptable, for example, to say "Neolatin word used in Czech." Sorry I don't have time to search further tonight. Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 18:19, 25 Novembris 2015 (UTC)

I found time and did both in one link. No harm in adding others though! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 19:05, 25 Novembris 2015 (UTC)
Thanks very much!
Term: Turns out it appears in Nostra aetate so I added that as a link, too.
Note: Even in German and English, the coinage only goes back to mid-nineteenth century. See en:Antisemitism#Etymology. I'm pretty sure you won't find that term in classical sources.
About: I was going to add four links, but you beat me to one of them. I thought I would add the following others from enwiki:
  • Source 1 (dicdef from Merriam-Webster), to be included in-line
  • Source 2 (pdf from Anti-Defamation League), in "external links"
  • Link to Anti-Defamation League page on antisemitism, in "external links"
Along with the one you added, that should be a sufficiently diverse group of sources. If you can actually find a source about antisemitism in Latin, by all means add. I'll add the rest over the long weekend here in the States. Again, thanks! StevenJ81 (disputatio) 19:20, 25 Novembris 2015 (UTC)