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Sub bello/bellum[fontem recensere]

Neander, you've changed a caption to "Foedus Delium bello Peloponnesiaco," which I'd take for "the Delian league during the Peloponnesian war"; but the original, sub bello, was trying to say "just before the war" (to match the phrasing in the English wiki, "right before the war"). Cassell's has sub + abl. or acc. for 'just before', with several examples, including sub adventu Romanorum (Livy). Would the accusative, sub bellum, have been clearer? (For this idea, Traupman does give only sub + acc.) Or does the bare ablative really mean 'just before' in addition to 'during'? and if so, how would we be more precise in specifying the period just before something ('during the run up to', as English-speakers have been saying for several years now, with that new use of run)? Is bello ineunte possible? ¶ And while we're at it, how (in other contexts) should we translate the opposite idea, 'just after'? Traupman says it's also sub + acc.!!! IacobusAmor (disputatio) 13:02, 28 Octobris 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]