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"Ad Alim"[fontem recensere]

Habemusne fontem huius declinationis? Lesgles (disputatio) 22:49, 8 Martii 2020 (UTC)

Actually, after the discussion we had here, with a first source given by Andrew having both the genitive "Alis" and the accusative "Alim", to my surprise, I came accross quite a number of occurrences of "Alis" and "Alim". I won't find them all back now, but take e.g. Hofmann here, or some other sources here, here, here or here. I did not find an "Alium" as Andrew had seen somewhere, but I did see a lonely "Alin" at one occasion. And of course you do find the name undeclined as well. But as I said, I've seen quite some sources with "Alis" and "Alim" (all other cases there being "Ali"), so I reckon that this must have been pretty widespread. Sigur (disputatio) 23:46, 8 Martii 2020 (UTC)
Ah, I hadn't seen that discussion, thanks! Lesgles (disputatio) 01:20, 9 Martii 2020 (UTC)
Incidentally, yes I did also find "Alium" but it's surely better avoided given the ambiguity! Andrew Dalby (disputatio) 08:30, 9 Martii 2020 (UTC)