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So, Harrissimo[fontem recensere]

So, Harrissimo, you reject Cassell's definition? "Aborigines -um, m. the Aborigines, an Italian tribe from whom the Latins were said to be descended; hence original inhabitants of a country" (used thus by Cicero). Indigenae, by contrast, are merely those who were born in a place, presumably including many of the non-Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. Also, note that these people are called Aborigines in English—not natives. It's a technical term, at least in English. IacobusAmor 01:31, 13 Februarii 2008 (UTC)

Sorry... I don't have Cassell's and the few things I do have suggested indigena. Sorry again, I will undo the change now, Harrissimo 01:37, 13 Februarii 2008 (UTC).
No problem. The apology itself calls them "Indigenous" people, but the main terms of art are Aborigines and Aboriginal people. The terminology has important political implications. IacobusAmor 01:47, 13 Februarii 2008 (UTC)
Indigenae being able to mean both Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the first place. I should really think things out more carefully. Harrissimo 01:56, 13 Februarii 2008 (UTC).