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David Coverdale anno 2015 canit.

David Coverdale (natus Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Anglia die 22 Septembris 1951) est Anglicus musicae rocicae cantor, qui opere cum Whitesnake notus est, grege generis rocici duri quem ipse anno 1978 condidit.[1] Ante autem Whitesnake conditum, annos ab 1973 ad 1976 (cum cursum proprium instituit), Coverdale fuit ducens gregis Deep Purple cantor.

Coverdale civis Civitatum Foederatarum Reno in urbe Nivatae die 1 Martii 2007 rite factus est.[2][3]

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Exhibitiones invitatae[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1974 Roger Glover – The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast ("Behind the Smile")
  • 1974 Jon LordWindows – motus secundus, Gemini
  • 1976 Eddie HardinWizard's Convention ("Money To Burn")
  • 1978 Barbi Benton – Ain't That Just The Way (co-compositor of "Up in the Air")
  • 1990 Steve VaiPassion and Warfare ("For the Love of God")
  • 1992 Bernie Marsden – The Friday Rock Show Sessions (quattuor res vivae in discis anno 1981 relatae: "Who's Fooling Who?", "Shakey Ground", "Look At Me Now", "Byblos Shack")
  • 1995 Young & MoodyThe Nearest Hits Album (co-compositor "Sunrise To Sunset")
  • 2000 Bernie Marsden – And About Time Too ("Who's Fooling Who", res viva anno 1981 in disco relata, solum cum album iterum editum sit)
  • 2003 Tony Franklin – Wonderland ("Sunshine Lady")
  • 2014 Adrian VandenbergMoonkings ("Sailing Ships")
  • 2014 Bernie Marsden – Shine ("Trouble")
  • 2015 Phil Collen, Delta Deep – Delta Deep ("Private Number")

In pelliculis et televisione[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1977 The Butterfly Ball
  • 1990 Days of Thunder
  • 2011 Metal Evolution
  • 2012 A Passion for the Vine
  • 2013 Behind The Music Remastered, Deep Purple
  • 2016 Here I Go Again: David Coverdale

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