Carolus Duroiselle

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Carolus Duroiselle (Charles Duroiselle; natus 1871) fuit eruditus Francicus, philologus linguae Pali, archaeologus et director (superintendent) Recensionis Archaeologicae Birmaniae sub imperio Britannico. Anno 1910 cum J. S. Furnivall et U May Oung condidit societatem Scientiarum Birmanicarum. Fuit socius Scholae Extremi Orientis Francicae et professor rerum Orientalium apud universitatem Yangonensem ab universitate anno 1920 condita.

Opera[recensere | fontem recensere]

  • 1902 : Notes on the Vessantra Jataka Vatthu
  • 1906 : Practical Grammar of the Pāli Language (1906) (versio interretialis versio interretialis)
  • 1906 (ed. et interpr.) : Jinacarita, or The career of the conqueror: a Pāli poem
  • 1912 : "A note on the word Talaing" in Journal of the Burma Research Society vol. 2 pp. 100-101, 246-248
  • 1913 : Original inscriptions collected by King Bodawpaya in Upper Burma and now placed near the Patodawgyi pagoda, Amarapura
  • 1913 : "Talaing Nissayas" in Journal of the Burma Research Society vol. 3 pp. 103-146 (vide et commentaria, vol. 4 (1914) pp. 125-136 et 233-236)
  • 1919- : (cum Taw Sein Ko) Epigraphia Birmanica: being lithic and other inscriptions of Burma
  • 1921 : A list of inscriptions found in Burma
  • 1925 (editor) : Pageant of King Mindon, leaving his palace on a visit to the Kyauktawgyi Buddha image at Mandalay, 1865
  • 1937 : The Ananda Temple at Pagan