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Andreas Boorde

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Wikidata Andreas Boorde
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Andreas Boorde: imago
Andreas Boorde: imago
Nativitas: 1490; Sussexia
Obitus: Aprilis 1549; Fluentanus Carcer
Patria: Anglia

Andreas Boorde aut Borde (natus circa annum 1490 in Boords Hill, Holms Dale, Sussexia; mortuus captivus in carcere in Winchester mense Aprili 1549) fuit medicus et scriptor Anglicus qui multa etiam de peregrinationibus suis scripsit.

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  • The Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge, the whyche dothe teache a man to speake parte of all maner of languages, and to know the usage and fashion of all maner of countreys. And for to know the moste parte of all maner of coynes of money, the whych is currant in every region. Made by Andrew Borde, of Physycke Doctor. Dedycated to the right honorable and gracious lady Mary daughter of our soverayne Lorde Kyng Henry the eyght (c. 1547)
  • Here foloweth a Compendyous Regiment or a Dyetary of Helth, made in Mountpyllier (1542, 1547, 1562);
  • The Brevyary of Health (1547?);
  • The Princyples of Astronamy (1547?);
  • The Peregrination of Doctor Board, a Thoma Hearne in Benedictus Abbas Petroburgensis (vol. 2, 1735) impressa;
  • A Pronostycacyon or an Almanacke for the yere of our lorde MCCCCCXLV.

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